Information for EU-Citizens

Special Information for EU-Citizens about local city council
elections on March 16, 2014 in Grünwald

EU-fahneWho do I vote for?

You vote for a group / party of candidates, or individual candidates. There are five groups / parties with a maximum of 24 candidates each. We are “List 5”.

How do I vote?

You have 24 votes. You can give one person a maximum of 3 votes. You can put a cross at the top of one list (the whole list gets 24 votes in that case). If you want to combine the two or vote for candidates from more than one list, please check the Rathaus information for further details.

Why vote for us, the “Parteifreie Bürger Grünwald e.V. – PBG”?

We are a highly-motivated, absolutely independent group of Grünwald citizens, who give support to Tobias Brauner, our candidate for mayor and his realistic, far-seeing political agenda. Our group currently is the second strongest political group in the city council of Grünwald and has a long tradition in the political landscape of Grünwald since 1948. We act completely independent from big political parties and we are strongly focused on the development of Grünwald locally and its broad social engagement and excellent cultural landscape. We want to successfully manage the increasing traffic in Grünwald and to maintain and expand the services of the excellent institutions here in Grünwald which take care of the education of our children every day.

How can I get more information about the candidates?

You can find out more about the candidates of the “Parteifreie Bürger Grünwald e.V.- PBG” and our agenda on this website, use or talk to the candidates who will be on the streets around Grünwald (Luitpoldweg) on Saturday mornings between 9:30 and 11:30 a.m. Look here for photographs and more information about our candidates.

What if I am not in Grünwald on Election Day?

You can ask for a postal ballot from the Rathaus by writing / email or in person. You will need to provide the following information: your full names, date of birth, registered and/or postal address, voting number and electoral district number (both on the white voting card) and the reason for your postal ballot. You will receive the postal ballot by mail and can return it by mail up to the day before Election Day or put it in the Rathaus mailbox before the polling stations close at 6pm on Election Day.